2 in 1 Wired & Wireless Handheld miniphone Wireless & Wired miniphone Receiver Unidirectional Black

This miniphone combines both wired and wireless functions. Wireless allow you to sing without dragging cord. Wired allow you to sing without the worry of battery off.
100% brand new. Easy and convenient use. You can use it for speeches, conferences, reunions, karaoke, music shows or whatever else works.
Functions 2 in 1 has both wired and wireless. Light and portable. Design Fashionable and practical, beautiful shape with unique style; Durable with high quality.
Color: Black. The length of the miniphone cord: 2.5 m; The sensitivity of the miniphone: - 54dB ¡À 3dB (0dB = 1V / Pa). Directivity: One-directional. Frequency response: 100 Hz - 10, 000Hz. Impedance off: 600ohm.
Operating voltage: DC 1.5V; Working distance: 8 - 20m. Impedance: 600 ohms; S / N ratio: 60dB; Sensitivity of reception: 30dB / uV.
How to use:
with wire:
Make sure the battery is not in the miniphone. And plug the miniphone cord and audio amplifier.
Turn off the miniphone in the MIC position, and start singing
Install the batteries at both the miniphone and the receiver. Put on them, the connection will be built easily. With LED indicator. Turn off the miniphone in the ON position, and start singing. Turn off the miniphone in the MIC position when you need a small pause. It will not collect other voices in the miniphone.
If this does not work normally. Use a screw to press RESET on the receiver.
If there are two wireless miniphones to work together. Please adjust one to the red light, the other to the green light.
If you do not use it for a long time. Please take batteries to protect the miniphone components.
What is included:
1 x miniphone input (without packaging)
1 x miniphone wireless receiver input (battery Not included)
1 x miniphone antenna wireless
1 x miniphone input cord
1 x User manual

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